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‘Streamer Fish’ Playing Pokémon Committed Live Credit Card Fraud Against Its Owner

‘Streamer Fish’ Playing Pokémon Committed Live Credit Card Fraud Against Its Owner

‘Streamer Fish’ Playing Pokémon Committed Live Credit Card Fraud Against Its Owner

A streamer of Youtube, whose channel is called Mutekimaru Channel, left his fish unattended during a live broadcast. Fish, which can control the console With their movements, they ended up buying various items at the Nintendo store and revealing their owner’s credit card.

A story never seen before. A Japanese YouTube streamer, Mutekimaru Channelhas a system that allows your fish to play pokemon and other games from your fish tank with just your movements. During a transmission of pokemon purpleMutekimaru withdrew for a few minutes.

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That’s when the game crashed and an error message appeared. Between one movement and another of the fish, the ‘aquatic streamers’ they reached the home page of the console and ended up in the Nintendo eShop. the screen revealed credit card details of Mutekimaru and, furthermore, the fish bought various virtual items.

Its owner received the notice of surcharge in his mail and was able to verify that, in effect, his pet fish had committed credit card fraud against himhe. Taking it humorously, the youtuber shared a video about it. Here we leave it to you.

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Total, the fish made purchases for 500 yen from the eShop, which is equivalent to about US$3.80. It’s not much, but who knows how much more they could have spent if the owner never came back. Either way, the streamer has already requested a refund from Nintendo.

How do Mutekimaru’s fish control the Nintendo Switch? The streamer built from scratch a system with a webcam, connected to a PC, that records the movements of the fish. Below the fish tank is a grid of controls, and every time a fish moves over a control, the system recognizes it as a command and sends it to the Nintendo Switch.

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Mutekimaru’s YouTube channel is dedicated entirely to his fish playing video games. Previously, they were able to overcome Pokémon Sapphire. Although it should be noted that their fish are not “trained” to play, but their movements are completely random.

Source: Elcomercio

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