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The new Google setting that will allow you to find your cell phone even if it is turned off or you have no connection

Android will store the last known location of the user’s mobile to help locate it in case of loss, a novelty that will require the activation of this saving in a new ‘Find my device’ setting.

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Android’s ‘Find My Device’ service allows to locate the mobile phone remotely if it has been lost and delete the data to prevent a third party from accessing it. To do this, you have to be connected to a WiFi network or with mobile data activated.

However, a novelty that Google has prepared will allow you to locate it even if it is not connected to any network or is turned offas shown by the Google News Telegram channel, specialized in news of this brand.

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This is a new setting that saves the most recent location of the smartphone as long as the user has it enabled. In this way, it allows you to locate the mobile or the linked accessories that do not have a connection.

This novelty was already announced by the company itself. Google at the end of the year, when it reported that it would arrive with the v50.22 update on Google Play Services in December, although it has not yet been deployed.

Source: Elcomercio

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