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Electric bicycle: this device is installed on the wheels and promises to give “infinite autonomy”

A key factor in the electric vehicles it’s the battery. Whether in a car, plane or boat, recharging its batteries is necessary to maintain its operation; but it is in the electric bicycle where there are more alternatives to achieve ‘infinite autonomy’.

This is what the GenerTRX is for, a device that comes close to achieving continuous battery recharging while on the go. However, ‘infinite autonomy’ still seems like a utopia.

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The device created by the UltraTRX company follows a line of energy regeneration systems, which is already used in hybrid cars but with only a small input of energy. According to the Hybrid and Electric page, it is a middle ground.

The system designed for electric charging will be installed on the wheels. (Photo:

It is not the first time that attempts have been made to give more access to energy. The same company created the King E-Cheetah, an electric bicycle that can reach 140 km/h with a 15 kW motor and a 4.3 kWh battery. In addition to this, it has solar panels for recharging.

But the GenerTRX works differently. The device is installed in the brake disc of an electric bicycle to recover the kinetic energy of the movement. What is done is to replace the discs so that they integrate a coil full of magnets.

According to the report, thanks to this device, 30% to 50% more autonomy can be recovered, compared to what is already available with recharged batteries. As the bicycle is used, the battery can be recharged.

Source: Elcomercio

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