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The AI ​​GPT-4 programs video games in record time: it created a version of Pong in less than a minute

Just days after the release of GPT-4 from Open AIusers are already discovering what this is capable of artificial intelligence. A designer used AI to recreate the code for the classic video game Pong, and the tool did it in less than 60 seconds.

Programming video games can take several days, months or yearsdepending on how complex they are. Of course, even though it is the simplest game in the world, its programming is never less than a couple of hours. Now, that could be forgotten, thanks to the artificial intelligence GPT-4.

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The classic video game Pongwhich consists of two players bouncing a ball on a black background, it was recreated from scratch by the GPT-4 AI in less than a minute. This was explained by the designer Pietro Schirano, who ordered the AI ​​to generate “a pong style game”.

In a matter of seconds, and in a single attempt, GPT-4 responded with a JavaScript code with API Canvas HTML5, which it proved to be a fully playable Pong.

Schirano explained that he also did this test with GPT-3.5, the predecessor of GPT-4, but failed in a single attempt as the AI ​​faced bug fixes.

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GPT-4 is the latest generation of the OpenAI language model, which is the engine of recognized AI like ChatGPT and DALL-E. This version can program, understand images and solve problems”on a human level”, according to its creators.

Source: Elcomercio

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