“I have 14 days left on my contract with Twitch”: on which platform will AuronPlay continue streaming?

AuronPlay returned to twitch after the scandal in which he was involved due to a series of tweets with racist content that he published in 2013. Despite the uncertainty that this fact brought, the streamer returned to broadcasting normally last week and mentioned the situation of his contract with Twitch.

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During his regular broadcast, AuronPlay revealed that he has a few days left with the streaming platform. “I have 14 days left on my contract with Twitch. As data”he pointed.

After this announcement, users took advantage of the platform’s chat and began to ask him which one he would be moving to.

After these 14 days, the streamer will become a common Twitch affiliate, without any exclusivity contract that provides extra benefits over other creators. In fact, its possible transfer to YouTube was one of the most talked about in recent months.

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However, this would not be a reality. During the same broadcast, the creator revealed that he has been approached by the platform to make the signing a contract renewal for one more year.

In this way, the AuronPlay community would be a bit calmer. With this agreement, Twitch would also ensure the continuity of Ibaia recognized figure among content creators.

Source: Elcomercio