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Kick, the streaming platform that wants to take first place from Twitch

When it comes to streaming platforms, the first one that crosses users’ heads is twitch. And it is that this has positioned itself as the absolute leader for both content creators and users. However, a new rival has appeared that intends to take the first place from him.

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Is about kick, which coincidentally has a Twitch-like designbut it differs in the profit distribution system.

the main page hosts the most popular broadcasts that are currently live, as the top categories. Similarly, there are categories for all the games in the category and IRL broadcasts, Just Chatting or music. On the left side are the list of recommended and followed channels.

The main page hosts the most popular streams that are currently live, such as the top categories. (Photo: Kick)

“By accessing one of the transmissions the design is also really familiar, since in the foreground you will find the direct with the title at the bottom accompanied by the description of the streamer, and his social networks ”pick up Genbeta.

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At the moment the platform is focused on English-speaking streamers. The newspaper points out that it is unusual to find a Spanish speaker live, “possibly because he still does not see it as a suitable platform because his target audience does not have it fully located either.”

Kick promises its streamers to take 95% of the subscription earnings and the remaining 5% is taken by the platform. It’s a very different offer than what Twitch offers, where creators only take half of what they generate from subscriptions. The price of these is $4.99 and, in exchange for this, the viewer receives a series of emoticons to interact in the chat.

Currently, the new platform is still in its beta stagebut he promises to position himself and do battle with Twitch.

Source: Elcomercio

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