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CorPower Ocean: the key to alternative energy is in the human heart and the sea | VIDEO

There are many attempts to move away from fossil fuels like power source Main: there is solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen, but one of the big bets is wave energy, or wave energy.

The particular thing about this method is that it has the human heart as its key point. The Swedish company CorPower Ocean has been working on this, which has invested for 10 years in the C4 project, a wave energy generator.

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According to a report from the El Español page, the waves of the sea have become a tempting solution for the generation of clean and cheap electricity, since it takes advantage of the largest element on Earth.

The C4 project works with huge buoys that have the capacity to generate 5 times more electricity per ton of equipment than other systems that have been created.

Buoy system takes advantage of the movement of the waves to generate electrical energy. (Photo:

The peculiarity of the project is that it has been based on nature, in this case the hydrodynamics of the heart. For this, the cardiologist Stig Lundbäck participated.

The idea is to mimic the work of the heart, which is to pump blood throughout our body in one direction. For this it uses the stored hydraulic pressure that gives force to the blood. This applies, but to the movement of the waves.

That is, the job of the buoys is to convert the energy of the waves into electricity by moving both up and down and to and fro. In this way, each C4 unit can produce between 10 and 20 MW. A great opportunity that applies in Sweden, Portugal, Norway and Scotland.

Source: Elcomercio

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