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The map that shows you the most searched brands by country: Netflix reigns in Peru

Currently, it is of vital importance for companies to be present on the Internet. When you look for a service, movie, music or information, the first thing you do is go to Google , since it is the search engine par excellence. In this regard, the portal business financing published a map revealing the most searched brands on the popular browser in 2022.

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For those who do not know, the positioning of the brands in the results of Google is given thanks to the SEO (Optimization for search engines, for its acronym in English), which operates thanks to the good use of URLs, keywords (key words), titles and subtitles, appropriate headings, etc.

Now, on the mentioned map, platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Ikea, Ebay or Alibaba They are one of the most sought after, being in the tops of multiple countries.

In South America and part of Africa and Asia, Netflix is ​​the absolute leaderbeing the most sought after brand in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, MexicoVenezuela, South Africa, Pakistan, Congo, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, among others.

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Here we leave you the complete map:

In Peru and much of South America, Netflix is ​​the most searched brand on Google. (Business Financing/)

Netflix and other top brands are joined by names like Nike, Baidu, Paypal, BMW, Walmart or Epic Gamesbut they do not have the majority in general terms.

A curious detail is that in Tajikistan and Turkmenistan the most searched brand is the car manufacturer bmwwhile in Ukraine wins Epic Games.

Source: Elcomercio

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