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The ‘apps’ for Android and iOS that pay you for ‘doing nothing’

If you are looking for an extra income, you can resort to some mobile apps that you are paid to perform daily activities and consistently. In the network there are startups that provide payments for walking, playing, making purchases and viewing advertising.

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Although these are some functions that you usually do in your day to day without any monetary compensation, now you can do it by accessing this list of apps that you will get paid for your social media interactions. It is prudent to emphasize that it is a matter of being constant and carrying out daily challenges.

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This is an app that pays you based on the steps you take in your daily routine and even in your training session. This will give you wards, the fictional currency of the apps, which you can exchange for bank transfers and discounts at any of the partner stores.

For example, if you collect 3,000 wards, you can receive €15, and 12,000 wards can be redeemed for €60.

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This is similar to WeWard, except that the coins you get are not exchanged for money, but for specific gifts and products offered by the platform -which are renewed over time- so what you can earn by accumulating points is unpredictable.


Although you must spend to earn, Gelt will allow you to earn money and promotions throughout your delivery service. Simply, you will have to scan the purchase ticket from the supermarket to show that such products have been purchased and at that time you will begin to accumulate money.

When you reach 20 euros you can withdraw money from an ATM.


If you are a fan of video games, this application is ideal for you, Well, this allows you to earn money for playing and watching advertising. Every time you level up and earn bonuses, your earnings will go up, as will your Amazon card rewards.

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Poll Pay

It is an online survey application that pays users to answer questions on various topics. This may be one of the startups that can generate more income, because questionnaires are one of the most traditional ways of collecting data.

These initiatives try to encourage citizen collaboration through gifts or money that can be accumulated and transferred to the bank account.

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