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Who was Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel and a computing pioneer?

Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, passed away on March 24 at the age of 94. Moore was a pioneer in computing and the chip industry, as well as creating “Moore’s Law.” Who was Gordon Moore And why is it said that he was a titan of technological transformation?

Intel is recognized for being one of the most important technology companies in terms of chip and processor manufacturing. The brand was founded by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore in 1968; Moore served as vice president, president, CEO and, ultimately, an emeritus officer. He retired from Intel in 2006.

After his time at Intel, he dedicated himself to charitable actions with his Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, which donates US$300 million a year to charity projects for the environment, scientific research, health and other projects in San Francisco. Since 2000, the foundation has donated $5.1 billion to charity.

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Gordon Moore passed away on March 24, 2023 at his home in Hawaii, accompanied by his family.

Nonetheless, Gordon Moore will always be primarily remembered for being a pioneer in the microprocessor industry and the creation of the “Moore’s Law”, a theory that evidenced the rapid advancement of technology.

Gordon Moore passed away at the age of 94. (Photo: Chemical Heritage Foundation|Flickr)

What is Moore’s Law and why is it so important?

Moore’s Law is a theory that Gordon Moore held in 1965, three years before founding Intel. The law became a standard for the progress of the technology industry and the frequency of its innovations.

Moore’s Law consists of the prediction that each year the number of transistors in a microprocessor doubles. Later, ten years later, rewrote the law extending the term to two years.

For decades, Moore’s theory turned out to be incredibly accurate.Because the tech industry saw that, roughly every 18 months, a new generation of products always made its predecessors obsolete. However, in 2015, Moore himself stated that this pace would be slowing down in the coming years.

Moore's law was correct in its predictions about the advancement of technology and chips.  (Photo: Vandal)

Moore’s law was correct in its predictions about the advancement of technology and chips. (Photo: Vandal)

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Gordon Moore defined the tech industry with his insight and vision. He was instrumental in discovering the power of transistors and inspiring entrepreneurs and techies over the decades.“, said Pat Gelsinger, current CEO of Intelafter the death of Gordon Moore.

Intel decided to honor Moore on its website. “At Intel we continue to be inspired by Moore’s Law and will pursue it until the end of the periodic table. His vision lives on and is our compass as we use the power of technology to improve life for everyone on the planet.”.

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Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel and a father of computing

As already mentioned, Gordon Moore was one of the founders of Intelwhich at the time was the world’s largest processor manufacturer.

Today, Intel remains one of the most relevant chip brands and Millions of households have a PC or laptop with a company processor.

Gordon Moore received, in 1990, the National Medal of Technology from the hands of President George HW Bush. In addition, in 2002, he received the Presidential Medal of the Freedomthe highest civilian award in the United States, awarded by George W. Bush.

Source: Elcomercio

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