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Nvidia aroused ridicule among users by presenting its new software ‘cuLitho’

nvidia presented its new software called cuLitho at GTC 2023 and it has already caught the attention of many on social media. The main reason would be -clearly- the name of the product; however, there are other reasons as well.

CuLitho is a library of tools that optimize and bring accelerated computing to the field of computational lithography. This system uses a graphics processing unit, or GPU, along with a CPU, to streamline the operation of certain applications on platforms that can range from Artificial Intelligence to robotics.

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Running on GPUs, cuLitho offers a performance leap of up to 40 times over current lithography, the process of creating patterns on a silicon wafer, accelerating massive computing workloads that currently consume tens of billions of hours. of CPUs each year.

However, the name of the Nvidia release has overshadowed its own characteristics. Although the nickname is completely “innocent” for English speakers, users in Latin America and Spain have not stopped making fun of it on social networks.

“Nvidia gives me that cuLitho” either “How can you tell that there are no Latino workers at Nvidia” were some of the witty responses to Nvidia’s tweet about the software release.

Source: Elcomercio

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