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Interruptions in Internet, telephone and cable services increased in 2022, according to Osiptel

During 2022, there were 31,458 interruptions in mobile telephony, fixed telephony, Internet fixed and cable. This meant an increase of 10.85%, compared to what was reported in 2021 with 28,379 cuts.

The director of Inspection and Instruction of OSIPTEL, Luis Pacheco Zevallos, indicated that 70% of all these interruptions were due to commercial power failure.

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On the other hand, they revealed that 55.46% of localities with mobile Internetthat is, 8.32% of the population, only They have an operator present.

“If that operator has problems and the service drops, these communities are left incommunicado,” Pacheco warned.

These problems with their services have generated user dissatisfaction. According to the Study on the level of Satisfaction of the Telecommunications User 2022, 39% of surveyed users would be moderately satisfied with their mobile service and 10% dissatisfied.

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With respect to fixed internet, 49% of users indicated being moderately satisfied with the service and 17% dissatisfied. Most of the inconveniences registered were due to slow browsing speed (60%) and intermittent service (45%).

Source: Elcomercio

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