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El Comercio is in Discord: how to join the community and what you will find in each section of our server

El Comercio is in Discord: how to join the community and what you will find in each section of our server

El Comercio is in Discord: how to join the community and what you will find in each section of our server

Trade is already in discord with its own server to share topics, news and interests among users. We tell you how you can join our community and what awaits you within it.

Discord is a voice, video and text chat instant messaging app aimed at the gamer public that was launched in 2015. Although it is not exclusive to the fanatical community of video games, since there are various communities in which all topics are discussed. One of them is our recent server.

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What will you find on the server?

Within our community you can find our welcome channels and the rules and regulations of the server. There is also a section to choose which of our three main topics are of interest to you.

Our main themes are: Profit, Well-being and DT. In the first, you can find channels with healthy food recipes and some cooking tips. In the case of well-being, we have channels focused on caring for the physical and mental health of users. Finally, in the DT section you will find the latest news on national and international football.

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How to join our server?

If you want to be part of our community, You just need to have a Discord account and visit this link.

Once you have accepted to enter the server, you can investigate our welcome channels and share the news or recommendations you prefer, according to the topic you have chosen.

How to register on the platform?

To create an account on Discord, all you need to do are a few simple steps. Here we explain how to do it from different devices.

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From a PC

On the computer it can be opened from a browser or you can download the program. In both cases, you must go to the upper right corner to open the Login option. This will take you to the page to enter username and password. Below the “Login” button is the “Register” option.

Then, you must enter the email address, a username, a password and the date of birth. Be careful, if the conditions of use are not accepted, you will not be able to continue with the registration. Once all that is done, you can click “Continue”.

To create a user you must have email. (Image:

To finish you have to complete a Captcha, which confirms that it is not a robot. after all that, An email will be sent to the registered email to verify the information. Ready.

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From an app

The procedure is very similar. The difference is that the app must be installed on the smartphone or tablet. When opening the app one must register. For this, it must be decided whether the account will be registered with your phone number or email address.

As in other applications, a confirmation code will be sent to the cell phone or email, indicates the Ionos Digital Guide page. To continue, you must write the code and the procedure is like the previous case.

Once the account is created in Discord, the user can join their friends’ servers or create their own server to invite other friends.

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