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In which countries is it more expensive to acquire a fixed internet service and in what position is Peru?

access to Internet It has brought numerous advantages, but the connection cost can vary significantly depending on the country in which the service is contracted.

According to a report published on March 14 by, a price comparison website that has analyzed the costs of fixed broadband internet in 219 countries, the cheapest monthly rents in the world are around US$ $2.30, while the most expensive can reach $383.79.

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more expensive

The countries with the highest prices globally are mainly African, led by Burundi with an average monthly income of $383.79followed by Suriname ($269.44), Zimbabwe ($201.00), the Turks and Caicos Islands (British Overseas Territory) ($199.00), and the Democratic Republic of the Congo ($193. 46).


On the other hand, Sudan is the country with the lowest average cost, with an income of $2.30. It is followed by Kazakhstan ($5.11), Moldova ($7.03), Belarus ($7.34) and Romania ($7.57).

Latin America

In Latin America, the most affordable prices to contract fixed broadband internet are found in Colombia, Argentina and Paraguay.

Argentine households, for example, pay around US$16.8 a month for this service, while Uruguayans pay almost three times as much for the same service. In Mexico, the average price is US$ 31.00 and in Peru is around US$26.2. Nevertheless, Colombia offers the most affordable rate in the regionwith an average cost of fixed broadband that does not exceed $15 per month. Worldwide, Peru ranks 56 on the list.

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The report authors note that it is not surprising that more advanced and developed nations have higher broadband prices, as profits and investment in new technologies are often at the forefront.

“However, it is interesting that the cheapest broadband in the world tends to be in Eastern European and CIS countries. These countries tend to have some of the most advanced infrastructure (high percentage of full fiber FTTP coverage) and are somehow able to offer it to users at very low prices.”they point out.

“In a way, it erases the notion that regions like Western Europe and North America pay more because of the cost of implementing new technology, and in fact, it more easily points to the idea that people in these countries are forced to pay more. just because they canthey add.

Source: Elcomercio

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