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Koru, Jeff Bezos’ superyacht worth no less than 500 million dollars

Jeff Bezos He is one of the richest men in the world. The owner of Amazon He also has very expensive tastes, such as a superyacht that costs a whopping half a billion dollars and that started sailing in the first days of April.

The luxurious sailing vessel is 127 meters long and was built in the Netherlands. According to the newspaper El Español, Bezos’ yacht is cruising the Mediterranean Sea and has been seen on the beaches of Mallorca.

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What happens is that his exit to the sea was delayed. It was learned that she needed the city of Rotterdam to temporarily dismantle a historic bridge to get the boat out. But it was not necessary and she is already sailing.

Now, One of the main characteristics of this luxury boat is that it includes three large masts. It is a large superyacht containing a second support yacht.

In addition, it is quite ecological as it is propelled by the kinetic energy generated by the sails, although it also has engine power.

Annual maintenance is also added to the manufacturing price, which is equivalent to 25 million dollars. The curious thing is that until now the interior is not known. The cabins are only known to comfortably accommodate a total of 18 guests and a crew of 40 crew members.

Source: Elcomercio

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