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In which countries of the world is the Internet used the most and what is the ranking in Latin America?

Thanks to a study carried out by Atlas VPN in 2022, it has been possible to know the average time that citizens spend in Internet. On average, a user can be connected for up to 6 hours and 37 minutes in a day, which means that they spend 2,415 hours in a year.

In summary, of the 46 countries studied, Internet users in Japan They are the ones who spent the least time browsing in 2022. They have an average of 225 minutes of use per day. While, Brazil leads the Latin American ranking with 572 minutes, being surpassed only by South Africa with 578 minutes.

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In the case of Asian countries, these present connection times below the average. For example, China with 325 minutes and South Korea with 321 minutes. And the same situation is repeated in European citizens, who also presented scarce daily minutes.

Situation in Latin America

Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chili, are the countries with the longest connection periods in the region. However, despite this, they are not among the 50 countries with the fastest Internet speeds.

As reported by Infobae, there is only a record of these countries, which gain in time of Internet use to developed countries such as “Russia (477 minutes), Portugal (557 minutes) and USA (419 minutes)”.

Source: Elcomercio

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