TechnologyApple brand co-founder Steve Wozniak launches space start-up that...

Apple brand co-founder Steve Wozniak launches space start-up that is “unlike any other”


Steve Wozniak announced on Monday the birth of his company called Privateer Space. The Apple co-founder described it on Twitter as “a private space company getting started” and “unlike any other,” reports Phonandroid. The 71-year-old computer scientist has teamed up with Alex Fielding, creator of the Ripcord interface, we learn in the text accompanying the presentation video uploaded to YouTube.

The objective of Privateer Space is to “work to keep space safe and accessible to all of humanity”. The company has promised to reveal more details of its future activities and projects “to a private public. […] at AMOS Tech 2021 ”, a conference organized in Hawaii (United States) on the theme of the space sector from September 14 to 17. The clip emphasizes the preservation of the environment.

“Together, we will go far”

The images chosen show the great moments in the history of the conquest of space but also of natural disasters resulting from climate change. “Together, we will go far, ensures the voice over of the video. We will take care of each other and solve problems together ”. Privateer Space believes that space exploration is neither “a race” nor “a competition”.

The company invites viewers of the video to see themselves as “a planet” and not as “a person, a company, a nation” and no longer see the sky as a limit. “Let’s take care of what we have so the next generation can be better together,” adds the voiceover. On its website, Privateer Space explains that it is “in a stealth configuration”. However, the newcomer’s business sector is highly competitive, as there are already companies from Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson, among others.


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