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Google brings generative AI to its search engine

Create a headline for this text, it has to be fun and eye-catching: The capabilities of generative artificial intelligence (AI) also reach the main service of the Googlethe Search Engine, where users will access a new experience to find the information they need.

Search engine has been one of Google’s main products since its inception. The incorporation of generative AI changes the way you search for information, and this change begins with a new page design, as the company shared at the Google I/O 2023 event.

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The new image of the Form Finder presents a more integrated page, with the response of the AI -which stands out with a background of another color-, visual information on the right and new search suggestions at the bottom. The information comes from expert sources and from those shared by other users, making the experience more collaborative.

This generative AI is also present in Google Shopping tools, where the user can, for example, search for a bicycle because he needs to buy one. By drilling down into the search to limit the model based on the user’s needs, the user can access the new conversational mode.

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Another new experience allows the user to ask the Search Engine to perform tasks, for which it is convenient to write complete and detailed sentences for the most accurate result.

The new search with generative AI is part of the experiments of the new Google Labs platform. It will be available on it in the coming weeks in the United States, from the Labs icon on the desktop version of Chrome.

Source: Elcomercio

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