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The billionaire founder of PayPal and his intention to be preserved by cryogenic freezing

Peter Thiel is none other than the co-founder of PayPala service for paying and sending money over the Internet, and who, at 55 years of age, has been in favor of preserving his body through the cryopreservation system.

The German billionaire has pointed this out on the Honestly podcast. There he was asked if he had signed a contract to keep his body through the aforementioned method. “Yes, but I see it more as an ideological statement,” Thiel said.

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And it is that apparently it is an idea that hopes to mature. As detailed in a Hipertextual report, he explained that his intention is to give a different approach to what he has called the “problem of death”, and it is not that he expects to return to life after going through this freezing process.

“We haven’t even tried. We should conquer death or at least describe why it is impossible”, he indicated, since the success of the method that uses the cryogenic gas of liquid nitrogen at very low temperatures, reaching -80 ° C, is not yet guaranteed.

To date, successful storage of organs through cryopreservation, and of embryos, is known, but a whole body has not yet been tested. However, by 2020 there were about 350 people frozen, and more than 2,000 willing to do so.

Source: Elcomercio

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