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Driving Simulator, an almost secret function with Google Maps that looks like a video game

The Internet is full of secrets, and one of them is Driving Simulator. This function works with google maps to create a 3D driving simulator and despite the time, it stays up to date.

This driving simulator developed by the Japanese company Katsuomi Kobayashi, which works for Frame Synthesis, reported the page El Motor. However, for many it may seem unknown.

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Google’s driving system can be used for different purposes: either to know a route or simply for entertainment. In addition, its use is free.

To use this platform, you must first access the Driving Simulator website from the browser you use or prefer. And one of the facilities is that no more accessories are needed to carry out the handling. Only the keyboard is needed.

The bad thing is that the simulator only works using some predetermined cities like London, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Manhattan, among others.

Another point to highlight is that it can be used from your mobile or tablet (iOS and Android). You can also choose the map mode, satellite or both mixed (hybrid). Even Driving Simulator gives you the option of also driving a bus.

Source: Elcomercio

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