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GoBoat 2.0: an electric, inflatable and portable boat that can even be used for fishing | VIDEO

The electromobility It has shown us that it is very versatile and allows experimenting with different forms of transport, such as this electric boat called GoBoat 2.0, which is inflatable, small and quite easy to transport, the most portable in the world.

Thanks to the fact that it can be inflated and deflated, the boat can adapt to any space. It can even fit inside a large backpack. In addition, in theory it is a boat in which more than one person can be, although there is only one seat.

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The boat, already installed, can reach 25 kilos, reported the page Somos Eléctricos. It has a 12 V motor and has five forward speeds and two reverse.

In addition to being portable, this small vehicle can be used in fresh or salt water, with an anti-corrosion system to protect it from sea water. It can be used by children, adults and even for fishing.

This latest model is the largest, and includes additional storage and accessories. In addition, depending on the model, its price may also vary. The smallest version can cost 453 euros (S/1,779), the adult modality reaches 713 euros (S/2,801) and the fishing boat costs 779 euros (S/3,060).

Source: Elcomercio

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