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Meta: Employees who work in the metaverse don’t like to wear Meta Quest helmets

According to a Bloomberg report, employees of Goal who work in the metaverse they don’t like wearing the company’s Meta Quest helmets.

bloomberg got the statements of 11 Meta workersamong current and former employees, regarding their experiences using the company’s virtual reality headsets, the Meta Quest.

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According to the report, Meta provides its employees with VR headsets if they have signed up for the internal program to test new features before the public. Even the president of global affairs, Nick Clegg, tried to “briefly” hold meetings in VR.

However, these experimental meetings were soon abandonedsince the workers felt that they were “uncomfortable and inefficient”. An employee also stated that they do not use, in their day to day, the helmets that Meta offers to companies such as Walmart or Accenture.

In addition, another factor that they do not like is being part of virtual meetings where their avatars look like caricatures with no legs. As they describe, the feeling is “unprofessional”, while wearing the helmet is “shameful”.

The report surfaced shortly after Meta announced the Meta Quest 3, its latest virtual reality headset.

Source: Elcomercio

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