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Apple was about to replace Google’s search engine with DuckDuckGo, why did it back down?

Apple was about to replace Google’s search engine with DuckDuckGo, why did it back down?

Apple was about to replace Google’s search engine with DuckDuckGo, why did it back down?

Manzana Considered changing the search engine Googlewhich you currently use in your browser, to make DuckDuckGo the default search engine for Safari in order to encourage the private browsing it offers.

DuckDuckGo was born as an alternative search engine to the one developed by Google with the aim of maintaining the privacy of user queries, since it does not save search history or track your information.

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Currently, Google, belonging to the Alphabet group, is immersed in a trial in which US authorities accuse it of having made payments to maintain its position as the dominant search engine in web and mobile browsers. Recent data from Similar Web, in fact, puts its market share at 90.68%.

Some private sessions that are part of this trial, which began in September, have featured Apple, a company that uses Google as the default search engine in its browser, Safari.

Specifically, it has been learned that the iPhone manufacturer planned to replace the Search Engine with DuckDuckGo a few years ago, as published by Bloomberg, which has announced that The directors of both companies met in 2018 and 2019 to discuss this step.

This was revealed by District Judge Amit Mehta based on the testimonies of DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Winberg and another Apple executive, John Giannandrea, who testified in closed sessions.

For his part, Weinberg testified that DuckDuckGo had about 20 meetings and phone calls with Apple executives, including the director of Safari, in those years to become the default search engine for private browsing mode.

While Weinberg acknowledged being convinced that Apple would eventually integrate DuckDuckGo into Safari, the Apple executive has insisted that, as far as he knew, the Cupertino company had not considered changing its search engine.

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With this, Bloomberg has clarified that Giannandrea indicated in an email dated February 2019 that this modification “was probably a bad idea” for private browsing in Safari.

This manager has also recognized in this closed session that The factor that motivated Apple to try to establish DuckDuckGo was that it was supposed to better preserve the security of Apple users.

However, he pointed out thatBecause this engine depends on Bing to provide search results, it was also likely to provide some user information to Microsoft, which is not in line with the “privacy marketing” that the search engine boasts.

It should be remembered that, along with DuckDuckGo, Apple also considered replacing Google Search as the default on its iPhones with the Bing search engine, developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently acknowledged, as part of the trial against Google, that this deal ultimately did not go ahead due to Apple’s fear that Google, through its extensive product portfolio, would promote downloading. Chrome instead of Safari.

Source: Elcomercio

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