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Problems with WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram: what is known about the worldwide drop in service

Problems with WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram: what is known about the worldwide drop in service

Problems with WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram: what is known about the worldwide drop in service

It is not the first time that the applications of the Mark Zuckerberg company fail in a big way and when situations like this occur in the morning – users of the world reported the worldwide drop of WhatsApp, Facebook e Instagram– social networks, which still work, explode.

SIGHT: WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram suffer a drop in their service worldwide

As seen on the DownDetector website, the problems come from countries as far away as Bangladesh, Malaysia or China and other closer ones such as Argentina, Mexico or the United States, which have in common the lament for the massive isolation they suffer.

The first reports of the global crash began at 10 a.m. with a short message that did not give space to foreshadow the extent of the problem: “Sorry, something went wrong (we are working on it and will fix it as soon as possible)”, it was read in Facebook.

Since the crash, nearly 100,000 users have reported that Instagram it’s giving them trouble. In the case of WhatsApp has exceeded 33,000 reports and in that of Facebook more than 126,000.

The message from Facebook when it began to present errors. (Photo: Facebook)

Twitter, operational, was the favorite social network of those who expressed their annoyance and dismay at the worldwide fall of Zuckerberg applications, but it has also been the channel so far for Facebook to seek to reassure its users by publishing a Tweet.

“We are aware that some people have problems accessing our applications and products. We are working so that everything returns to normal as soon as possible and we apologize for any inconvenience ”, wrote the social network briefly.

In addition, Instagram He also used Twitter account to report what is happening and asked his users for patience.

“Instagram and your friends are having a bit of a difficult time right now, and you may have trouble using them. Be patient, we’re on it! #Instagramdown “wrote the network.

Although the pronouncements do not give more details of what happened, they do seek to reassure users who have been affected and have chosen to turn to Twitter or Telegram. Proof of this are the search trends in Peru on Twitter, which leads the phrase “Thank you Twitter” or “Telegram” among the most searched, written and shared.

Diego Suárez, director of the company Transparente Edge Services, estimated for ABC de España how long this impasse that has users around the world in suspense could last.

“These errors are usually due to profound changes in the infrastructure, affecting all the social networks owned by Facebook simultaneously. If this is the case, reversing the change is the solution, but, depending on its magnitude, it can take from a few minutes to an hour ”, said.

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