A dating app: Tokyo’s strategy to confront low birth rates

A dating app: Tokyo’s strategy to confront low birth rates

Japan’s capital will launch its own application of appointments in the coming months, a measure that is part of a government plan to boost the low birth rate in the archipelago, local authorities reported on Tuesday.

Users will have to present documentation proving that they are single and sign a document attesting that they wish to get married.

The application will also require a tax receipt showing annual salary.

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“We know that 70% of people who want to get married do not actively participate in events or with applications to find a partner,” an official from the Tokyo authorities in charge of the new application told AFP.

“We want to give them a little push to find it,” he added.

Japanese municipal authorities sometimes organize events for people to meet and become couples, in an attempt to curb the country’s low birth rate. But it is unusual for them to develop their own applications.

As part of the registration process in this application, an interview will have to be carried out to confirm the identity of the users.

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The application has been tested since the end of last year.

In 2023, Japan recorded a drop in birth rates of 5.1% for the eighth consecutive year, reaching 758,631 births, according to the latest government data. The number of deaths was 1,590,503.

The archipelago is facing a labor shortage and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has promised a series of measures to try to increase the birth rate, including financial aid to families and better access to child care.

Source: Elcomercio