TechnologyThe digital revolution, according to Ibai

The digital revolution, according to Ibai


He may be an illustrious stranger to many over 45 in the world. But, for twentysomethings – and especially teens -, Ibai Llanos He is a guy who can do everything. Absolutely everything: from being friends with Lionel Messi, recording ‘just like that’ with singer Tini Stoessel, interview Ed Sheeran on his Twitch channel, buy the rights to the Copa América and stream it for free for Spain, until the most common game of a matinee in a world cup, of which Peru has just been crowned champion.

His name is Ibai Llanos, he is only 26 years old and was born in Bilbao (Spain). Although his career as ‘caster’ o commentator of online video game games began in 2014, it has been since the beginning of the pandemic, and in particular since 2021, that

When asked what does he do, he always answers: “To do direct”. That is, online broadcasts. Ibai has long since ceased to be a ‘caster’ and now it’s a ‘streamer’. But why there are thousands of people who are dedicated to doing the same, have not had the same punch as Ibai? and for his self-confidence, for his anger and for his way of making his audience laugh. Some of it must be, right?

—New entertainment—

He has studies in journalism, but he has been in charge of clarifying that he is not a journalist nor does he consider himself one. However, his channel on Twitch – a platform that favors live broadcasts – has seen music and sports superstars.

With some, like the Argentine soccer player Sergio ‘When’ Agüero, has become friends and thanks to this he was able to meet Lionel Messi, be at the farewell dinner he gave in Barcelona before leaving for PSG, and he was one of the few people who interviewed the Argentine ’10’ on the day of his presentation in the Parisian team. Of course,

What is very clear Ibai is that the generation of content and its transmission on platforms of this type are marking where communications and entertainment are going. If you do not believe it, you just have to ask a teenager about what media they use to entertain and inform themselves. The answers will surprise you.

Ibai talk about everything. He even established a very clear position in the middle of a controversy that opened in Spain, when successful ‘youtubers’ and ‘streamers’ They said they would move to Andorra to avoid paying taxes on their high income. Without giving much thought, He has also commented frankly about his anxiety problems and the complexes he had for his appearance. Ibai talks about everything and people listen to him.

After being part of the G2 Esports team, this year he opted for content creation taking advantage of its growing popularity. As a sports fan [el fútbol en especial], videogames and, above all, communicating, he began to experiment and on that way he met the footballer Gerard Piqué. Through the company of the athlete, achieving astonishing audience peaks.

His most recent success was the organization of the World Balloons, won by Peru. But who could care about two boys who play don’t drop a balloon? And, above all, see it live! Well, that will have to be asked if there is someone who knows what the future of entertainment is, that is, without a doubt, Ibai.

A year full of milestones




Ibai Llanos






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