TechnologyThe question of the day: why is there still...

The question of the day: why is there still no clear information on omicron?


Since the end of November a new name, following the Greek alphabet, began to become common in the vocabulary of the street throughout the world. Is about omicron, the name assigned to a new variant considered of concern by the WHO.

In this little more than a month it has some symptoms that differentiate it from other variants, it is capable of reinfecting people who already had COVID-19 -although reinfections are common in other respiratory viruses-, it is known that vaccines are not prepared – because they were made before the variants were found-; but with the booster dose we are much better.

Who does it affect the most? Is it really more or less contagious? Is it more or less severe than delta? Does it generate more hospitalizations? There are several questions that are not yet answered and in this video we explore the reasons for that to happen.

Hopes about the variant

A preliminary study by scientists from South Africa suggests that most of the T-cell response to SARS-CoV-2 stimulated by vaccination or previous infections is sustained by the variant omicron.

According to the Efe agency, the research observed the response of “memory” T lymphocytes (which remember how to fight viruses) in 70 people inoculated with Pfizer vaccines (two doses), Johnson & Johnson (one or two dose) or previously infected.




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