TechnologyChina gives itself four years to become a major...

China gives itself four years to become a major player in the sector


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Make China a hub for global robotics innovation. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said it plans to continue developing the country’s robotics industry during its 14th five-year plan. The document sets out several targets for China’s robotics industry by 2025. The year 2021 is already counted as part of this plan.

So the government has four years left to achieve its goal of bringing the average annual growth rate of operating revenue in the robotics industry to more than 20%. During the last five-year plan, the Chinese robotics industry has shown an average growth rate of 15%. The ministry therefore expects to see this average increase by 5%.

Five points of improvement

To achieve this result, the plan mentions five points for improvement. The country wishes to improve its industrial innovation capacities, consolidate the bases of industrial development, increase the offer of high-end products, widen the depth and breadth of applications and finally optimize the structure of industrial innovation.

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The plan should notably allow China to continue its advances in the manufacture of electronic equipment, while exploring new opportunities in mining, shipbuilding and nuclear energy.

Regarding industrial robots, the plan will focus on those used in the automotive, aerospace, transportation and semiconductor industries. It will also focus on service robots for healthcare, agriculture, mining and construction, as well as robots for riot control. Finally, the plan highlights the diversification of supply chains, one of the major priorities in the Sino-American rivalry.

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Currently, according to a report by the International Federation of Robotics, South Korea has the most industrial robots per 10,000 employees with 932 robots per 10,000 employees. Next come Singapore with an average of 605 robots and finally Japan with an average of 390. By comparison, China has only 49 industrial robots for 10,000 employees, a figure lower than the world average. China therefore has work to do if it is to achieve its goals.


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