TechnologyWith augmented reality, the start-up Jolifish "simply enriches everything...

With augmented reality, the start-up Jolifish “simply enriches everything that is printed”


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A little experiment to start. All you have to do is take a US dollar bill, download the “” application for free and… try to take a picture of the currency with a smartphone. Miracle: a map of the Island of the Statue of Liberty appears! Here is an illustration of augmented reality proposed by the Alsatian company Jolifish Europe. For the first time, it will be present for the next three days at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. A little surprise for its founder, Michaël Bechler.

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“We did not expect to be selected at all because we did not invent hot water”, laughs the native of Colmar, 49 years old and who embarked on the adventure in 2014. Since then, the leitmotif of his company is to simplify augmented reality. “That any publisher can put it without difficulty in his works. “

Michaël Bechler, the founder of “Jolifis Europe”. – Jolifish Europe

In the capital of Nevada, it is precisely the Strasbourg people of Éditions du Signe who will accompany Jolifish Europe. The two worked together to add digital content to the printed books. Today, we can find it in more than thirty books. Here, the reader can dive into an immersive video of Ebersmunster Abbey that he has just seen on his comic, there he accesses a reading note from the author. “We can add everything, the customer to decide,” summarizes Michaël Bechler, whose team helped create the famous publisher’s application.

“We offer a solution and the tools”

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Because Jolifish is actually a service provider. “We offer a solution and the tools,” continues the entrepreneur. “Afterwards, we also do a lot of support on projects. As in the Butterfly Garden in Hunawihr, in the Haut-Rhin. This time, visitors will find additional digital content by walking their smartphone over the panels already installed.

Another achievement of Alsatian society, the “” application. Where a wine lover can, via the photo of a label, be transported to the winemaker’s cellar for an explanatory tasting. “In fact, we simply enrich everything that is printed,” continues the founder, now located in Quebec where he is exploring a new market. Jolifish Europe’s headquarters are in Strasbourg, with a total of 6 employees for 500,000 euros in turnover. That the Las Vegas tech fair could boost.

“No idea if it will allow us to explode!” We will advise accordingly, we can develop very quickly, ”promises Michaël Bechler, who knows that competition is tough in the sector. “But a lot of people still do augmented reality in very complex ways. Not us with our technology Wow. “



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