TechnologyCES 2022: This is how Samsung's new high-end televisions...

CES 2022: This is how Samsung’s new high-end televisions are


Samsung has updated its televisions of the MicroLED, Neo QLED and ‘Lifestyle’ families, with improvements in the quality of the picture that deepen in the contrast and the brightness, and has integrated in them a new entertainment center, which includes an NFT platform and access to video game libraries.

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The South Korean company has announced in the framework of the consumer electronics fair CES 2022 in Las Vegas (United States) its new models of high-end televisions for the year that has just begun, which incorporate novelties in sound quality and the image, expand the size options and integrate an updated interface.

MicroLED televisions employ 25 million micrometer-sized LEDs, which individually produce light and color, delivering richer, deeper colors and higher contrast.

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The range has been updated with new sizes, so that MicroLED televisions are now also available in 110, 101 and 89 inches, and support for 20-bit grayscale has been added to the 2022 catalog, thereby offers “better control with over 1 million steps of brightness and color levels”, and for 100% of the DCI and Adobe RGB color gamut.

In addition, the 2022 MicroLED TVs feature Dolby Atmos, with top, side and bottom channel speakers, and the ‘Multi View’ function, which allows users to view content from four different sources simultaneously, from any or all of the four HDMI ports. , in 4K resolution at up to 120 frames per second.

Regarding the improved functions of the MicroLED were announced:

  • Art Mode allows consumers to turn any room into an art gallery by selecting and displaying their favorite artwork or digital photos. MicroLED 2022 also comes with two exclusive multimedia pieces from noted artist and designer Refik Anadol.
  • Multi View allows users to view content from four different sources simultaneously, from any or all of the four HDMI ports, in flawless 4K resolution of up to 120fps.
  • Dolby Atmos offers a world-class, immersive audio experience with top, side, and bottom channel speakers for impressive multi-dimensional sound.

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In the case of Neo QLED, the 2022 TVs incorporate a new Neo Quantum processor, which introduces advanced contrast mapping with BLU (Backlight Unit), increasing the brightness level of the gradation from 12 to 14 bits. “This allows the television to control its lighting in 16,384 steps, four times the previous 4,096 steps,” said Samsung in a statement.

Offering 8k resolution, these televisions also feature Shape Adaptive Light technology, which analyzes lines, shapes and surfaces to improve brightness and accuracy in Full HDR content. Additionally, the ‘Real Depth Enhancer’ algorithm determines and processes an object on the screen against its background to create a sense of depth, and features blue light reducing technology to prevent eye strain.

Samsung’s ‘Lifestyle’ televisions have been updated with a new matte screen with anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint properties, which has been applied to The Frame, The Sero and The Serif.

According to Samsung, The Frame now offers the most realistic art viewing experience outside of a museum thanks to low-reflection, anti-glare panel technology with an embossed Matte Display. The frame comes in sizes ranging from 32 “to 85”.

The Serif, in addition, is now available in sizes ranging from 43 inches to 65, while The Sero incorporates a new vertical ‘Multi View’ function, with which it allows multitasking at the top and bottom of the screen.

The 2022 televisions also come with a ‘Smart hub’, which brings together different entertainment options in the same space, with functions that guide the user to their favorite content or offer suggestions. This entertainment center includes, among other services, access to a library of games from NVIDIA GeForce Now, Stadia and Utomik, and an NFT platform from which to “discover, buy and exchange” digital art on MicroLED, Neo QLED and TV televisions. The Frame.

The company complements the range of televisions with its new HW-S800B Ultra Slim sound bar, compact in size, which integrates passive radiator technology with the ‘subwoofer’ to deliver “powerful sound”.

The rest of the soundbars of 2022 include the Q Symphony function, which improves the synchronization between these devices and the speakers of the Neo QLED televisions, as well as Dolby Atmos wireless connectivity.

With information from Europa Press.

This is what the Samsung Neo QLED 8K looks like. (Photo: Samsung)

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