TechnologyFairVison will allow amateur football clubs to do like...

FairVison will allow amateur football clubs to do like the pros


“Each year, there are a million matches not broadcast and more than two million licensees, relatives, fans, who can not see the performance of players and amateur clubs”, launches Philippe Levy, partner of Jean-Michel Felderhoff who invented FairVision, selected to participate in CES Las Vegas 2022.

This system equips the cameras, connected by wifi in a stadium, with artificial intelligence which makes it possible to record the matches, to automate the performances of all the actors on the ground to emerge from them personalized statistics and to propose replays of ” highlights of the match ”. All this without a cameraman and without the need for energy since the power comes from photovoltaic panels.

A vector system of attractiveness and appeasement in the stadiums

“We wanted to create something simple to reduce the technological divide between amateur and professional clubs”, indicates the sales and marketing director of this Nice sportech. The platform is “free for the club where it is installed, and then it will be a subscription system, for parents, enthusiasts, or even the players themselves or coaches who want to improve by seeing sequences. specific ”.

The two partners started from a personal observation to develop their concept. “We are passionate about football, we practiced as an amateur and we thought we were doing incredible things but we can only talk about it. Without even knowing if we were really good, remembers Philippe Levy. With this application, 9-year-olds will be able to see their personal development in the game and over time because each season, sport will follow them ”. They wanted to start with the “most popular sport” before expanding to other areas.

This participation in the forum will also allow them to see “if FairVision can have horizontal multisport and also vertical multi-country growth”. Until now, the “guinea pig stadium” was in Cap d’Ail, where the first returns have confirmed “the possibility of getting closer to the professional”. “It was the objective because we wanted to bring our contribution to the building of the amateur world, which has more than 6,000 clubs, but also to training centers, which need this technology. We also noticed that it was a vector of attractiveness for the personal development of the players. Having cameras also empowers spectators ”, specifies Philippe Levy.

Attract the international public

FairVision also allows you to select specific moments and make clips “for yourself or to share your best goals with your family,” adds the marketing director. It’s amazing to be able to tell stories through artificial intelligence. “

The two partners plan to use their trip to the forum to “see if the video content has a lot of value in other countries.” The marketing director explains: “In France, we see through several studies that generation Z does not last 90 minutes in front of a game. But she loves to watch the best moments. With our application, we attach as much importance to the recording of the match as to the compilation. This truth can also be true for the United States or Brazil and FairVision could be of interest to this market. “With this system, the Niçois hopes” to enrich the database of local talents, and who knows, international “.


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