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Typing 500 words per minute, that’s the promise of the American start-up’s keyboard

The Qwerty keyboard was invented in the 19th century, even before the development of electricity. In 2022, the American start-up CharaChorder decided to revolutionize this object by imagining a keyboard allowing to considerably increase the typing speed.

A keyboard ten times faster

Riley Keen, the creator of this new generation machine, has reached 500 words per minute. In comparison, that’s ten times faster than the typing speed of an average individual who typically tops out at 40 wpm. A useful feature for note taking, coding, programming or even some video games.

The idea behind this innovation is to write a text word after word and no longer letter after letter. This involves chords made by pressing several keys simultaneously. It is even possible to create shortcuts so that certain combinations lead directly to a standard word or phrase. After a certain period of learning and training, the results can be quite impressive.

Win time

The start-up’s invention does not come in the form of a classic keyboard. Indeed, it has two modules each comprising nine small joysticks. Each gamepad can tilt in four different directions and therefore encode four characters at a time.

The machine also allows you to write whole words at once, thanks to hundreds of built-in and customizable shortcuts. For example, the combination “lft” results in “left”. All these shortcuts allow, again, to save precious time.

The advantage of this setup and the shortcuts is that the fingers move very little, which saves time. Small detail, the solution is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people.

At what price ?

CharaChorder sells its smart keyboard for $ 249.99. It is compatible with all operating systems and adapts to any computer, tablet and smartphone.

For those less comfortable with the new configuration offered by the new keyboard, the start-up offers an alternative and cheaper version. The CharaChorder Lite is a simpler version, which is similar to the classic keyboard. Small advantage compared to keyboards that we know, this version allows you to type a word more quickly by pressing several keys at the same time. It is priced at $ 199.99.


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