Economy Textile sales fall 37.1% in November, the month of...

Textile sales fall 37.1% in November, the month of ‘Black Friday’


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Sales have fallen in 2020 by 40% compared to the previous year

Sales of the textile sector plummeted 37.1% in November, month of ‘Black Friday’, and add an annual decline of 40.5% in a context marked by the health crisis of Covid-19, according to data offered by the Business Association of Textile, Accessories and Leather Trade (Acotex), who is confident, however, that the Christmas campaign will encourage sales.

After confinement, 15% of the stores did not open and currently around 25% of the establishments have not yet resumed their activity, seeing that the sales of these months is a “real catastrophe”.

Según Acotex, the fashion trade continues with falls in sales and these are not recovered only with discounts. “The limited capacity at lunches and dinners, the fact that there are almost no events, or celebrations are reasons that do not encourage buying a dress, a suit, accessories because they cannot be worn as they would like. We are entering the last month of the year (Christmas campaign) and we hope that customers will be encouraged to buy and give away clothing and accessories. Traditionally, gifts of clothing are very frequent on these dates and we trust that this will continue “, says the association.

Faced with this uncertain situation and with the drop in sales, Acotex continues to demand urgent and specific measures for the sector, among them the moratorium on the payment of ICO loans and a solution for the payment of rents.

“Moratoriums on taxes, fees, tributes or social security quotas are not worth us, it is necessary to cancel them, the need for the exemption of Social Security contributions as other sectors of ERTEs of force of higher or lower VAT to encourage consumption “, Acotex highlighted.

“It is unthinkable to keep the pre-Covid templates with current sales so we have to update the templates to the current moment and for this we need help to be able to fire because otherwise companies will have to close permanently,” he adds.

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