Economy The accounts and tales of Catalonia

The accounts and tales of Catalonia


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The stories with which the independentistas have attacked the state for years have nothing to do with their accounts … or with who pays their bills. The economic management of the Generalitat has been terrible in the last decade. The waste of public money to set up parallel State structures, its financial lack of control and the risk of not paying suppliers has damaged its image so much that it cannot even issue debt in the markets or obtain loans at a reasonable price,

because it has a junk bond rating. Which has meant, as we report today, that the State has become the great bank of the Generalitat in this decade, so that the Catalans did not see their basic services diminished. The volume of aid required is gigantic. After increasing by 47% in 2020, loans have reached 100,000 million since 2012. Catalonia is the great beneficiary, with an abysmal difference compared to the rest of the autonomous regions. Now that Rufián denounces that Madrid is a â € œtax paradiseâ €, he could try to explain why Barcelona needs 30% of the aid distributed through the FLA or the financial facility fund. And Madrid, on the other hand, only 1.4%. The managerial insolvency of the Generalitat, the deterioration of its elites and its determination to use the money of the Spaniards to demonize them and violate the Constitution would force us to carefully monitor the destination of the resources lent so that they are dedicated to the general interest, not to bankrupt it. Instead, the Government has limited such supervision as a pre-benefit to ERC for its support of the Budgets. It is the duty of the State to help the communities that need it, but the principle of solidarity requires the counterpart of an institutional loyalty which, in this case, clearly does not exist. Unfortunately, we have to conclude that the Executive’s desire for survival at all costs leads it to prefer to rule over the ruins of the institutions attacked by its partners rather than defend its integrity.



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