EconomyThe appellation of Périgord walnut oil protected by Europe

The appellation of Périgord walnut oil protected by Europe


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Perigord walnut oil comes within the circle of PDOs. – MICHEL ISLAND / SIPA

It is a recognition of its quality and a safeguard against counterfeits. The Périgord walnut oil just obtained approval from the European Union on Thursday for inclusion in the register of protected designations of origin (PDO), the Commission said in a press release.

“Périgord walnut oil” is a virgin oil, first pressing, obtained only by mechanical process. In addition to its aromatic balance, its main characteristic lies in the use of quality nuts from traditional local varieties: Marbot, Corne, Grandjean and Franquette.

First French walnut oil registered

Until now, French oils with a European PDO were exclusively olive oils (Provence, Nîmes, Corsica, Nice, Haute-Provence, Aix-en-Provence, Vallée-des-Baux and Nyons). The Périgord nut, grown in the communes of Aveyron, Charente, Corrèze, Dordogne, Lot, and Lot-et-Garonne, as well as that of Grenoble, covering part of the Isère and stretching between Savoy and the north of the Drome, also benefits from an AOP.

“Rudarska greblica”, a salty Croatian pastry, has just obtained the same certification. Made from a thin dough spread by hand and then cooked, it is garnished with fresh cow cheese, sometimes accompanied by vegetables or nuts. Some 1,507 European agricultural and food products already legally protected are listed on eAmbrosia.



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