Economy The CEV defends the industry against the 'cut' in...

The CEV defends the industry against the ‘cut’ in the land reserve next to the Castellón intermodal


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The Consell ‘condemns’ the industrial park together with the Intermodal to 885,716 m2 less available

The Business Confederation of the Valencian Community (CEV) comes out in defense of the industry, as it has done on numerous occasions, when questioned by the cutting back on the industrial land reserve next to the Castellón intermodal station, in the vicinity of the port.

CEV sources explain to this newspaper that  «The CEV has created a Working Group precisely to analyze the Castellón PAT project». The employer refers to the Territorial Action Plan of the Department of Public Works, which advocates a landscape and territorial development that includes restrictions on this reserve of industrial land.

Specifically, the Generalitat Valenciana notified the Castellón City Council that the reserve had to go from 2.7 million square meters to 1.8 million and so it should be reflected in the General plan of the city, pending final approval.

This notification was sent by the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition to the City Council through the Strategic Environmental and Territorial Declaration (DATE) on his General Plan this past summer.

Thus, from the confederation, chaired by Salvador Navarro,  «the current context is the ideal one to turn the industry into the engine of the economic recovery of the Valencian Community and for this reason it is presenting the different political parties in Les Corts a Industry Plan that contributes to generating a sustainable, innovative and high value-added productive fabric.  «The industrial sector is strategic for the development and competitiveness of our territory», considers the employer, which still does not pronounce on possible allegations to the PAT of the Consell.

Although the CEV does not advance further on its consideration of the ‘bite’ of the industrial land reserve, a priori, it does not seem to its liking, considering that it contemplates restrictions on the industry.

The Castellón City Council has already announced that it will allege the PAT of Public Works, coming out in defense of the initial reserve.

For its part, talso the town hall of Almassora will allege the same document, requesting that the industrial land be extended to its municipal end by means of a supra-municipal zone that allows the industries of Almassora to benefit from opportunities for connection and growth.

In turn, the Official College of Superior Industrial Engineers He has also shown his discomfort at the restrictions on industrial land announced by the Generalitat Valenciana. The Chamber of Commerce, which still has to analyze the documents in depth, will also study possible allegations and considers that a cut to the reserve may go against the industrial development and economic growth required by the province of Castellón.

It should be remembered that the Department of the Environment – directed by Mireia Mollà – based its cut in more than 885,000 square meters on issues affecting green infrastructure, as well as the survival of some native species in the area. In addition to the allegations to the PAT, the City Council of the capital of La Plana announced a possible special plan in the intermodal area in order to guarantee the initial reservation that it raised with the Generalist Valencia via its General Plan.

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