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The control will cost “several million euros” to the SNCF, according to its CEO


The additional cost is being assessed but the control of health passes in trains will cost “several million euros” to the SNCF, estimated Sunday its CEO Jean-Pierre Farandou in the program Le Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro- LCI. Since August 9, passengers must be able to present a health pass to take a TGV (Inoui and Ouigo), an Intercités or an international long-distance train departing from France.

The control of the pass was entrusted to service providers because “we could not recruit thousands of railway workers at the last moment”, explained Jean-Pierre Farandou. This expenditure is in addition to the 60 million euros disbursed so far for the disinfection of trains, he said, estimating that the total additional cost of these health measures would reach “not far from a hundred million euros “. “I have no regrets about it. We had to act (…) to respect very strictly (…) the health obligations imposed on us, ”he said.

The government has set the SNCF the objective of controlling health passes in 25% of long-distance trains, said the CEO of the company. “We will increase the volume of verification, we will increase to 30, 40% of trains,” he nevertheless assured. During checks, “99% of passengers are provided with a health pass”, he said, adding that “the small percent that is missing, we manage to catch up” via antigenic tests near stations.



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