Economy The earth shook even more strongly north of the...

The earth shook even more strongly north of the agglomeration this Wednesday morning


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648x415 site geothermie opere fonroche vendenheim reichstett 13 novembre 2019

The geothermal site operated by Fonroche in Vendenheim-Reichstett on November 13, 2019. – G. Varela / 20 Minutes

It starts again. This Wednesday morning, shortly after 7:30 am, an earthquake of 2.4 on the Richter scale was felt in the north of the Eurometropolis. It is the seventh recorded in two weeks, but also the strongest.

According to the National Seismic Monitoring Network (Rénass), based in Strasbourg, this is an “induced event”, understood to have its origin in human activity. The origin seems once again identified. These shocks are in fact the product of the injection tests carried out in October at the Fonroche Géothermie plant located in Reichstett-Vendenheim.

The follow-up of the tracing tests

Fonroche already explained last week that “the most probable hypothesis is based on a continuity of the adjustment of the rock following the previous events”. That is to say during the tests requested and carried out under the control of the State services in order to understand the reasons for the earthquake with an intensity of 3.2 which worried the whole Eurometropolis last year. So don’t panic even if these repeated shaking
worry the population of the northern sector and who makes it known on social networks. The continuation of the tracing test has already been suspended, as has the activity of the plant, pending the result of in-depth analyzes.



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