Economy The energy check tightens its field of action

The energy check tightens its field of action


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Successor of the old basic electricity and gas tariffs, the energy voucher has been intended since 2018 for the most precarious families, who have difficulty paying their heating bills. Nearly 5.5 million households thus receive this lump-sum check each spring, which varies according to income and the composition of the household. If the aid is around 200 euros on average, it can climb to 277 euros.

To benefit from it, the reference tax income per consumption unit (UC) must be less than 10,800 euros in 2021, i.e. 100 euros more than the previous year. One person constitutes 1 CU, the second 0.5 CU and each additional person adds 0.3 CU. But you don’t need to do the math yourself. An online simulator allows you to check your eligibility for the scheme on In principle, you do not have to take any action, since the energy check is sent automatically by the administration.

From invoices to small jobs

This assistance can be addressed to you or, if you request it, be directly deducted from your electricity or gas bills before being sent to your supplier. If the primary use of the energy check is indeed to partially cover your heating costs (fuel oil and wood are also concerned), this subsidy can also be converted into a work check, in order to participate in the financing of a energy renovation project, in addition to other specific existing aid in this area.



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