Economy The investment attraction of the Onda polygon with Amazon...

The investment attraction of the Onda polygon with Amazon exceeds in full Covid that of the last decade


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The Sur-13 business park has aroused more interest in 2020 despite the Covid than in a whole decade. The arrival of the multinational and the commitment to local industry, key


  • Multinational.

    Amazon builds one of its leading logistics centers in Onda

The industry is in fashion and the town of Onda knows that well. With a powerful program investment attraction as ‘Onda Logistic’ and numerous bets to facilitate the setting up of companies in the territory, the City Council of the municipality has seen how in just one year the interest of companies to build businesses on their industrial land has grown dramatically. This is confirmed by municipal sources, who especially mention the interest that Polígono Sur-13 has aroused in 2020, a year in which, paradoxically, the economic situation was not the most encouraging due to Covid.

Despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy, the council has reported an increase in the occupation of these lands. Specifically, the commitment of companies to settle in this industrial estate it has more than doubled in the interannual rate. At the end of 2019, the occupation was 302,581 meters squares and, at year-end 2020, rose to 689,589 meters squares. Thus, it has multiplied by 2.27 or what is the same, it has grown by more than 127 percent. We are talking about a business park of 2.5 million square meters in total, which has fiber optics, bike lanes, signaling and a fire network now under development. In addition, the growth of the occupation in just one year surpasses that registered in the last decade in its entirety, they ensure from the consistory.

Sources of the government team attribute the success in the occupation to two issues: the arrival of Amazon and the government team’s commitment to give a boost to industrial investment.

Regarding the first, it should be remembered that the distribution giant announced in 2020 the installation of a logistics center in this polygon, specifically, on a plot of 200,000 square meters. It will be the fourth logistics center in Spain, with a capacity to generate 1,000 jobs.

Undoubtedly, the future installation of Amazon in Onda has encouraged other companies to open a business in this polygon, given the economic weight that the center will have in the provincial and autonomous economy as it is located 70 kilometers from the Valencia airport, 74 kilometers from the Valencian port, 45 from the Castellón airport and 30 from the port.


Regarding the government team’s commitment to diversify the industry and provide facilities to the installation of the companies in Onda, it should be remembered that in December the council turned over to the construction company the ICIO (Construction, Installations and Works Tax) with the 50% discount, which will save half a million euros.  «This is one of the many reasons, together with the administrative agility, on-demand training services, placement agency, competitiveness of the polygons … so many companies are choosing Onda », they considered from the City Council of Onda.

Similarly, the mayor of Onda, Carmina Ballester, stated in a recent interview with this newspaper that  «we have been working on the Onda Logistic plan for more than a year to attract investment to Onda, improve our industrial estates and encourage the generation of new jobs.  «That is why it is no coincidence that today we add 37 major work licenses granted, registering a total investment of 54.7 million euros to expand and build new warehouses in the city. This figure doubles all the investments registered during the last four years, ”informed the municipality.

 «In this government we believe that the role of the administration with the company should be limited to being as useful as possible to them and making public resources and tools available. We are wrong if from the public sector we insist on competing with the private sector to see who generates the most jobs. A competitive and prosperous country is one that thins the administration, with less taxes and bureaucratic obstacles, and encourages entrepreneurship, the culture of effort and talent, “defended Ballester.

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