Economy The investment rush for Tesla: Opportunity or bubble?

The investment rush for Tesla: Opportunity or bubble?


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We put the focus on Tesla and its rally on the stock market, we listened to a part of EL MUNDO’s exclusive interview with Carlos Ghosn and we will talk about whether it is time to buy a home

What is behind Pharma Mar’s trip to the stock market and Dentix’s failure in Spain?

From one day to the next Carlos Ghosn he went from being the most admired executive in the automotive industry in the world to becoming a fugitive from justice. He starred in a movie getaway out of Japan. He did it hidden in a speaker box and thus reached Beirut. From there he has now granted an exclusive interview to the newspaper THE WORLD.

In this fourth episode of Clear accounts we listen to a part of that interview and chat with its author, Francisco Carrión. We will also talk about whether it is time to buy a home and we will focus on Tesla, one of the winners of the year on the stock market.

The company accumulates a rise of more than 600% and its shares reached a maximum a few days ago above $ 640. What reasons explain this investment fever by the automaker? Nicolás López, Director of Equity Analysis of Singular Bank, give us some keys

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