Economy The Karburan group launches business rental, like renting a...

The Karburan group launches business rental, like renting a car, turnkey


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For an average budget of 500 euros HT per month, you can start an activity (photo illustration). – PixaBay

  • Business rental allows any project leader, business manager, future manager to hire a legal structure, in order to be able to create or host a professional activity.
  • This new solution is developed by the Karburan group specializing in wage portage, and installed near Aix-en-Provence.

Getting into entrepreneurship without all the related paperwork, nor the tough choices on the legal structure. A dream for many project leaders, and now a possibility with the unique offer developed by the Karburan group. Established for more than fifteen years near Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône), this national specialist in wage portage offers, nothing less, to hire a ready-to-use company. For an average budget of 500 euros HT per month, and a minimum commitment of three months, you can start a professional activity and become a manager. All in forty-eight hours flat.

“It is important to be able to plan, rental is a risk-free way to test, to seize an opportunity, to restart,” says Jérôme Tarting, president of Karburan. We are one of the tools for economic recovery. “The concept is aimed at different profiles:” creative serials “who need to isolate a new project and let it grow independently from the rest of the company, freelancers who would like to join forces for a big project, people who would like to test an association before going in front of witnesses, ephemeral businesses.

Pick the fruits without taking the risk of being a corporate officer

But beware, this rental is not for all activities. These must fall under the provision of intellectual service. And if the rental makes it possible to invoice without limit of amount (unlike the micro-enterprise), to call upon subcontractors, to receive dividends (taxed at 30%) and to be reimbursed for professional expenses, it does not does not allow the tenant to have the status of salaried manager or to hire an employee or an apprentice.

This new solution in the landscape of business creation, the Karburan group sought it in the Dutreil law of 2005 in favor of small and medium-sized enterprises and which makes it possible to dismember actions, like an SCI. “We rely on the rental of shares, like a usufructuary, the beneficiary reap the benefits of his activity, without taking the risk of being a corporate officer,” explains Jérôme Tarting.

“We will promote the creation of winning companies”

To begin with, the group has around a hundred SASUs (simplified single-member joint stock company) to rent across the country. IT consultant, Alain is one of the first to sign a rental contract for a period of nine months. “I usually work in wage portage, but this solution seemed to me the most suitable, from a tax point of view, for a large project with transfer of rights at the end”, he confides.

“It’s really a complement to wage portage”, also states Jérôme Tarting, for whom a choice of legal structure should not be an immutable choice but evolve according to the needs of the self-employed person. “We are not going to stop creating a business because we can hire them,” he also reassures. On the contrary, we will promote the creation of winning companies, whose idea and economic model have already been tested. According to him, the legal safeguards are also in place so that the hiring of company is not diverted in the form of disguised wage earning, as it can exist for the auto-enterprise.



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