Economy The keys to a successful job interview

The keys to a successful job interview


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Did you spend the first skimming by landing an interview with an employer? It is now a question of not neglecting this essential step. But how do you succeed in this interview during which your every move will be monitored?

Upstream preparation

If your file was accepted, it is in principle that you had to demonstrate your knowledge of the company through your cover letter. If so, do not hesitate to research further and if you are starting from scratch, double down. As polls confirm, recruiters favor candidates who know their business well. Especially since it is very easy to get information thanks to the Internet, in order to know the values ​​of the company, its importance on the market, its latest news and projects. Something to reassure you, show your motivation and allow you to ask relevant questions.

To convince an employer, you also need to know yourself. What are your qualities and faults? How do you see the job? What could you bring to the company? These classic questions must give rise to concrete, concise and honest answers. So forget the phrases like “I’m a workaholic”, which often ring wrong. It is better for example to evoke your points of improvement concerning technical or relational deficiencies on which you wish to improve.

Show yourself in your best light

Sometimes all it takes is a crooked gesture that can be interpreted as a lack of respect or interest to ruin all your chances in the face of a recruiter. At the top of the list, employers hate lack of punctuality, let alone apologizing. Likewise, embellishing your resume is also frowned upon. As for those who dare to consult their phone during the interview or who went there with clothing deemed unprofessional, they are directly excluded. Conversely, a candidate who presents well necessarily gives a good starting point. Behavior, diction, look and general attitude can indeed be valuable assets to score points with a recruiter.

We must relaunch

To get a job interview, it is essential to know how to recall the good memories of the recruiter. So don’t hesitate to relaunch the business. Far from being considered a nuisance, you will be able to stand out and show your motivation for the position. What timing must be respected? Whether by phone or e-mail, it is best to wait a week after sending your application to restart, in order to give a reminder.



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