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The port will export its know-how to the Sultanate of Oman


648x415 port lorient deuxieme port peche francais apres boulogne mer

The port of Lorient is the second French fishing port after Boulogne-sur-Mer. – Loïc Venance / AFP

It is the second French fishing port, just behind Boulogne-sur-Mer. And its know-how is now exported to Oman. The port of Lorient is in fact part of a Franco-Omani consortium which will design and manage for nearly 30 years an important fishing pole in Duqm in the sultanate. “This is a first in France”, welcomes Olivier Le Nézet, head of the port of Lorient, winner in December against candidates from ten countries including Denmark, Portugal, Spain and China. , a call for expressions of interest.

“This is a project worth several hundred million euros,” underlines Olivier Le Nézet. From the auction, to the harbor master’s office, via the water treatment station, pontoons or boat lifts, the project provides for the construction of all the necessary equipment for a fishing port. The Duqm fishing pole, built on 250 hectares (against 60 for that of Lorient) is already equipped with infrastructures such as roads, docks and ponds.

The port concession for a period of twenty-eight years

“The project also provides for the management of the port, the training of men, the promotion and marketing of products and shipbuilding”, specifies Maurice Benoish, president of the company Ker-Oman which carries the project and whose port of Lorient is 80% shareholder. The concession is for a period of twenty-eight years.

“The Omani fishing fleet needs to be completely renewed,” said Maurice Benoish, adding that the project also involved the operation of a repair and shipbuilding area, as well as a marina. “This project will have repercussions on the country of Lorient and beyond,” assures Olivier Le Nézet, also head of the Breton fisheries committee, saying he was recently contacted for other similar projects.



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