WorldThe prestigious Winchester College will partially open to girls

The prestigious Winchester College will partially open to girls


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In the United Kingdom, Winchester College will open to female students. – Alex MacNaughton Photog/REX/SIPA

This is a first since the establishment was founded in 1382. Winchester College, a very elitist private boarding school for boys in the south of England, announced on Tuesday that it would be partially open to girls. This small revolution is part of a reform aimed at bringing this school “in the 21st century” where tuition fees amount to nearly 42,000 pounds per year (approximately 47,400 euros).

“After nearly a century of deliberation on the subject, we will be bringing girls into the school over the next few years,” the college said on its website. “Admitting girls will bring multiple benefits: new intellectual challenges, diversity of thought, broader horizons,” he added.

Up to 50 girls boarders from 2024

The establishment, which currently accommodates around 700 boys from middle school, will admit at least 30 day pupils, of which about half are girls, from the equivalent of high school “at the latest for the start of the 2022 school year”. Up to 50 female boarders should be integrated into college from 2024.

Winchester College, which aims to eventually accommodate some 850 students, also aims to increase the number of scholarship holders by 25% from 120 to 150 in 2024. It also plans to increase the possibilities of online courses to strengthen “Collaborations” with public schools.



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