Economy The second hand goes to the front line

The second hand goes to the front line


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Each year in France, more than 1.2 million tonnes of furniture are thrown in the landfill, representing a significant portion of waste that is not always easy to recycle. Are you fond of decoration, unique pieces and designer furniture, your passion for interior design clashes with your ecological convictions or your limited budget?

The solution is however simple: opt for second-hand objects.

Hunting is chic

You love to spend your weekends strolling through the markets, garage sales and flea markets, to unearth at low prices real decorative nuggets steeped in history. Always trendy this year, design pieces from the 1950s to 1970s stand out in a current environment and breathe their retro charm into our contemporary atmospheres.

Among the most desirable pieces of furniture, we find the armchair lounge or the cane sideboard, but we will also succumb to the attraction of old ceramics and old furniture fashioned in noble species such as oak or walnut.
To satisfy all your desires without leaving the comfort of your sofa, turn to online flea markets such as, Videdé or, to find vintage finds. You can also opt for bartering between neighbors or marketplaces better known and generalists like or

The reign of DIY

If you are good with your hands and enjoy manual hobbies, the do-it-yourself will fill you up. Your new adage: “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”. Popularized thanks to social networks, especially via Youtube, decoration tutorials have exploded in recent years. Accessible and often fun, they allow you to customize your pieces of furniture or give them a second youth in the vein ofupcycling.

If we think of course of the pallet, which makes it possible to create an infinite number of pieces of furniture, from the coffee table to the bench to the bed frame, many other objects can be diverted from their original use to give substance to 100% personal creations. Wine crates, fabric scraps, plumbing pipes, jars, old sewing machines, barrels, tiles or excess floorboards are transformed into decorative objects with a unique design, better suited to our tastes and needs. A creative and smart way to fight waste.

Second-hand furniture will be the charming and ecological asset of your decoration.
Second-hand furniture will be the charming and ecological asset of your decoration. – IStock / City Presse

An air of authenticity

The growing enthusiasm for local crafts is also a sign of a desire to go back to basics. The decorative sphere is definitely focusing on authenticity, handmade, singularity and natural materials, even if our objects, furniture and accessories have some imperfections, echoing the Japanese concept of wabi sabi.

To register in this spirit slow life, we favor an ethical and responsible design. Take a tour of the artisans in your region and favor local materials and species, such as birch in the north of the country, fir in the center, east and mountainous areas, or oak and olive trees around the periphery. Mediterranean.



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