Economy The Ten Commandments for Safe Vacationing

The Ten Commandments for Safe Vacationing


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Departures by car should be numerous this summer. – Getty Images/iStockphoto

Summer is fast approaching. And while deconfinement continues, the French want elsewhere: 60% of them plan to leave in July and / or August, according to a recent survey by the YouGov institute. For many, the road to vacation will be taken by car and family. And to get there safely, here are some tips to follow.

At the garage, you will go

A few weeks before departure, take your vehicle to a professional. Do not go too late at the risk of not finding a niche. Maybe it’s time to think about the complete overhaul? If not, do a checkpoint visit anyway. Take the opportunity to change your windshield wipers. And then, while you’re on the windshield, you might as well take a quick look at the technical control sticker …

Your tires, you will check

The tires are the only parts of the car that are in contact with the road. On the road to vacation, they will endure long hours of testing under full load. Don’t miss any suspicious details. The sculptures must be at least 1.6 mm deep, under penalty of degraded handling and a fine. Remember to inflate them about 10% above the level recommended by the manufacturer and check that you have a backup system (wheel, disc or kit).

Nothing to chance you will not leave

The most trivial of accessories can quickly find interest when the unexpected happens. The simple cloth, for example, will be very useful for cleaning a dirty mirror or optics and a survival blanket will allow you to put your knees on the ground without getting dirty in the event of a puncture. We will think, of course, of the yellow vest and the warning triangle.

Your route you will choose

For less than 5 euros, get an up-to-date map of France (or Europe). Then, program your GPS with split routes, alternating roads and highways, depending on your stops and your supplies. Keep everything for the big day: all you have to do is select the right option when the time comes.

Your papers in order you will have

In order not to waste hours in useless discussions in the event of a security check, check the compliance of all your documents, from your driving license to the vehicle registration document, including technical control and insurance. Make sure that the latter is in good standing and take out a breakdown guarantee, or even international coverage if you go abroad. In this case, be aware of the road laws in force on the spot.

The driving aids you will use

The cruise control allows you to drive at a constant speed without fear of speed cameras. It is still necessary to practice, the right foot at rest, but always within reach of the pedal. Also, GPS and navigators are experts in the art of predicting traffic jams: do not hesitate to listen to their advice. Electronic toll payment can also be an excellent ally to avoid long lines.

The safety instructions you will respect

The authorities and those in charge of the motorway do their utmost to warn users of dangers, accidents, roadworks and other obstacles. Scrupulously respect their indications and follow the latest traffic trends on the motorway radios. Do not forget, either, to give yourself periods of rest, every two hours. It is better to arrive a little later than not at all.

Your children you will watch

The most fragile users must be careful. Let your children relax during breaks on the motorway rest areas, hydrate them and ensure that their installation is optimal by making sure, for example, that the child safety is properly engaged or that they are correctly strapped.

Your calm you will keep

Stuck in traffic or taken by surprise by a breakdown, the damage is already done. Do not get mad at the idiot who does not move forward and do not bang the wheel that has just died. The front fool might be a 2m colossus and your foot will snap way before the rim.

Of the way you will enjoy

When preparing your itinerary, before leaving, do not hesitate to locate some remarkable points (historical monuments, parks, panoramas …). Not only will these stops change you from the monotony of traffic, but in addition, they will enrich your vacation while keeping the family busy.



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