World The threshold of 3 million contaminations crossed

The threshold of 3 million contaminations crossed


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648x415 50000 personnes assiste discours candidat conservateur stade pays

50,000 people attended the speech of the conservative candidate in a stadium in the country, this Wednesday, June 9 – Amin Nazari

Iran crossed the threshold of three million Covid-19 infections on Thursday, the health ministry said, as the number of daily cases of infections and deaths is falling after peaking in April.

In the past twenty-four hours, the country has officially registered 12,398 new cases and 153 deaths, bringing the total to more than 3 million people infected with 81,672 deaths, according to official statistics.

Already a fourth wave

Since the end of March, the country has been working to stem a fourth wave of Covid-19, blamed on an increase in the number of trips taken during the Persian New Year holidays (this year from March 18 to April 2) .

Tehran has based its hopes on vaccination to fight the health crisis, but the rollout of the immunization campaign launched in early February has progressed more slowly than the authorities wanted.

The presidential election, a source of concern

A little over a week before the presidential election on June 18, the election campaign, a source of concern about the spread of the virus, started timidly at the end of May outside of social media.

But the ultraconservative candidate Ebrahim RaÏssi, considered the favorite, gave a speech in front of 50,000 people on Wednesday in a stadium, drawing criticism. Health officials have warned of signs that the recent downward trend in the number of infections could be reversed.



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