Economy The tile 'assumes' the delays and the rise in...

The tile ‘assumes’ the delays and the rise in costs due to Brexit


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An exit from the UK without an agreement will result in a 4% duty on ceramic products. Exports to the British market are improving and already falling below two digits

The tile assumes with resignation the scenario with which it will have to deal in the British market. The end of the transition period of the Brexit on December 31st and the lack of preparation at customs It has been causing long lines of trucks on both sides of the English Channel for days. Â «It is obvious that the sector will face with greater difficulties in the United Kingdom, with tariffs of 4% in the case of an exit without agreement, and with a increased paperwork As far as customs documents are concerned, there are sure to be delays, ”admits the vice president of the tile employer Ascer Ismael García Peris.

However, and despite the difficulties in the British market derived from Brexit, which are added to those caused by the pandemic, the exports ceramic products to the UK are improving in the last few months.

Specifically, during the month of October, the tile sector of the Valencian Community, whose cluster is based in the province of Castellón, exported products worth 19.8 million euros to the British market, which meant a 13.8% más than in the same month of the previous year, according to the latest data published by the Territorial Directorate of Commerce in Valencia. With the good data for October, the accumulated exports of tiles for the first 10 months of 2020 stood at a total figure of 139 million euros, 9.7% less than a year ago.

However, tile sales to the UK have stopped falling by two digits and the UK market remains the third customer for Tile of Spain, behind the US and France. Â «Companies in the sector are more than used to selling to countries outside the EU and, therefore, customs procedures will not be a problem, although it is possible that there may be delays in goods at destination, ”said the vice president of the tile employer Ascer Ismael García Peris.

In addition to Brexit and, of course, the effects of Covid, the commercial relations of the Spanish ceramic sector have been marked by other aspects in recent months. One of them has been  «the closure of the anti-dumping file in the Gulf countries, without measures for Spain but, nevertheless, they have been imposed tariff measures for India and China, which allows us to occupy certain market segments in this area, “recalled the vice president of Acer.

In addition, obtaining the Quality Mark certificate, which totally blocked the Saudi Arabian market, has allowed recovery sales in this country at a dizzying pace. In fact, Arabia Saudí has risen to fourth place in the ranking of the first export countries for the Spanish ceramic sector, with accumulated sales from January to October worth 118.2 million euros. a 72.2% más that in the same period of a year ago, according to the data of the Territorial Directorate of Commerce in Valencia.

Ascer Vice President Ismael GarcÃa Peris also referred to the initiation of the TBR (Trade Barrier Regulation) mechanism that allows a complaint to be filed against a country that is not complying with WTO regulations.

The lockdown may be extended to the EU with Brexit

FruitVegetablesEUROPE, the European employers’ association as well as the set of national organizations representing the European fruit and vegetable trade that make it up, regret the unilateral response given by the French executive and the lack of coordination shown by all the EU member states in the face of the spread of a new variant of the coronavirus in southern England.

The blockade of the Eurotunnel and maritime communications in the direction of France from 0 am on December 21 has caused ‘de facto kidnapping’ of thousands of European carriers, whose trucks still now crowd the shoulders of English motorways or makeshift parks created at airports like Kent’s. He logistical chaos generated on both sides of the English Channel threatens, if not resolved shortly, with causing shortages of fresh products in British supermarkets, something that could materialize in the coming days, when the shelves begin to empty. And what is equally serious: the collapse created could have its continuity with the one already foreseen for the days before and after January 1, when the transitional period ends and Brexit is consumed (whether or not there is an exit agreement).

In such circumstances, the 7,000 trucks that the British Government itself already calculated could accumulate on the motorways leading to the Dover or Folkestone port ferries and the Eurotunnel, also on your French side of Calais, they could be doubled or even tripled. In such circumstances, the transport of fruit and vegetables by refrigerated trucks would approach collapse and would inevitably affect the whole of the EU. Only from Spain -the UK’s leading fruit and vegetable supplier- it is estimated that around 2,500 refrigerated trucks leave for the islands each week.


  • Dates. As of January 1, 2021, trade with the United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) will be considered exports and imports, which has the following implications, regardless of whether or not an agreement is reached for the future relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom report from the Castellón Chamber of Commerce.
  • Customs. Shipments and receptions of goods to and from the United Kingdom must be formalized in customs declarations.
  • Registry. You must have an EORI number registered in an EU member state. In the case of Spain, it can be obtained through the electronic headquarters of the tax agency.
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