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“There is a real psychological side to the tax declaration, always the fear of making a mistake”


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  • For residents of departments from 01 to 19, the deadline to declare their income online is Wednesday, May 26. For others, the deadline runs until June 1 and 8.
  • Until Friday, the Order of Chartered Accountants helps the French to complete their declaration free of charge by telephone.
  • “They need explanations on taxation and it is not easy,” notes Lionel Canesi, president of the Order of Chartered Accountants.

The countdown begins. Residents of departments from 01 to 19 have until tomorrow Wednesday, May 26, to file their income tax return online. And for the others, the deadline runs until June 1 and June 8. But what to do in case of doubt? Since not everyone is very comfortable with taxation, accountants offer their help. Each year for ten years, they are a thousand to participate in the operation “Allo-Tax”, to help free of charge anyone who pulls their hair in the face of their declaration.

From this Tuesday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm, a toll-free number (0 8000 65432) is open. There are even two nights scheduled, tonight and Thursday, until 9 p.m. Lionel Canesi, president of the College of Chartered Accountants, explains to 20 Minutes how this help can be useful, in particular with the novelties of this year related to Covid-19.

Why do you think this mobilization of accountants is necessary?

The idea is to support individuals in their declaration when they encounter problems. We have experience and tax expertise, we do a lot of declarations for our clients. So we said to ourselves that doing a citizen operation for individuals who were having difficulties, that made sense.

The observation that we had, and which is still true, is the difficulty in completing its declaration in certain cases. When you are an employee, there is generally no problem, you just have to enter your salary. But as soon as we start to have capital gains, special deductions, it complicates the calculation.

How can taxation be “scary”?

Individuals need an explanation on taxation, and it is not easy. An example: the novelty of teleworking with the pandemic. There is the possibility of deducting 2.50 euros per teleworked day up to the limit of 550 euros per year. The question is: “Do I choose these real costs and integrate these 550 euros or do I choose the 10% reduction?” “. There are calculations to be made on what is most interesting.

Shouldn’t this educational role fall to the State rather than to volunteers?

He also does. But we do not go to the police to say that we have passed the amber light and seek advice. It’s complicated to go to taxes and ask for explanations. Going to see an accountant who explains the law is easier. In terms of pedagogy, the expert is more free.

Among the novelties this year, there is therefore teleworking …

Yes, mainly teleworking. With questions like: “Can you deduct your rent from your income tax return since you worked from home this year?” ” The answer is no. But there is also the end of the energy transition tax credit, the possibility of deducting a certain amount when you do work at home.

This year, there is also form 2042, the declaration of social income for self-employed workers, which is now merged with the income tax declaration. It is a source of complexity.

What questions come up most often?

There are many in relation to children. “Do we have to declare the income that our children earn? “,” My children are students, do I attach them to the tax household or do they make a separate declaration? “. Again, there are calculations to be made. “I received dividends, do I choose the 40% abatement or do I opt for the 30% tax”? There are also often questions about what can and cannot be deduced when buying a window or a boiler. In all cases, there are interpretations.

What feedback do you get from taxpayers?

It is often the elderly who thank us because they could not manage. There is a real psychological side to the tax declaration, which remains strong. Always this fear of making a mistake and being controlled behind. Accountants, we make tax easy.



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